It Is Finished

The story of the murder that took place at Golgotha under a grim eclipse among the bones of uncounted atrocities was once universally known. A young radical prophet, said to be a miracle-worker, was beaten half to death by the Authorities, stripped naked – as were all for this maximum spectacle of agony and shame – nailed through the bones of his extremities and hoisted up to writhe until dead for the gawping glee of the masses. Mary tore her veil to cover the loins of her son. His death was accompanied by metaphysical phenomena and his inalienable teachings persist, not least because he rose from the tomb.
The festival, from prehistory associated with rebirth, has many mystical layers; but for generations now it merely signifies the descent to Earth of Chocolate Rabbits.

It Is Finished…

Displayed in Saint Ruan Church on the Lizard Peninsula