Coudrille, whose handsome 1974 alphabet “A Beastly Collection” was compared to the work of Tenniel, has provided more fine witty and often surreal pen and ink drawings for this reprise of the 1980s Neobatrachian cartoon compendium. Contemporary square larger format for the 21st century; from Footsteps Press


“A rare treasure, highly entertaining and memorable”

Jonathon Coudrille’s style is unique and he uses the full range of the English language introducing words the Bard himself may have had to seek out in a dictionary. The author uses our language in all its richness and colour to pull every emotional string. “I’m Hungry!”, cried Adam, is a parody of the biblical story of the Garden of Eden while The Damnation Files enable us to laugh at the professions most commonly the butt of jokes, from accountants and architects to journalists and lawyers. I had to wipe away a tear when I read “My mother loved my father”, as there was so much in there with which I could identify. Something, I guess, about parents who grew up twixt the Great Wars that we rarely see today.

Illustrated by the author himself, each image well worth the price of the whole book, and with introductory prefaces to the various sections, this is a book I shall treasure, along with Jonathon Coudrille’s other collectable works.

Lisa in Berkeley
5.0 out of 5 stars deLIGHTful!

Reviewed in the United States

Splendidly written and very much enjoyed. Bought as gifts for a few loved ones. Read along to the author’s Youtube recordings of a couple of these pieces too!
JX Coudrille is a delight to read.
Lee Clarke.

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